Mel Fry


Mel lives and breathes radio and has been voicing commercials since she was 3 years old.

Whether you’re looking for high energy retail, sales or corporate, Mel has a warm, professional and upbeat sound that will bring any read to life.


Isaac is a legend behind the microphone and thats before year one! Now he loves a chat. His folks both know radio inside out, so we guess it has rubbed off.



Ruby has been heard on commercials in at least two states. So far! If you’re after a fresh sound for next campaign, Ruby will add the magic!



Tess is an experienced performer at the ripe old age of 4! That’s because her Daddy has a studio and has had her performing ever since she could talk.

Mel Pinn


Mel has the natural ability to deliver a range of read styles from sassy sells to corporate narrations, bubbly retail to high energy – and of course, her natural conversational self.

Mel delivers each and every read with finesse and unmistakable accuracy.

Clayton - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Clayton Brown


Clayton’s voice talents speak for themselves. With years rehearsing for Purple Wax, Clayton has a range of characters and straight reads which will add vibrancy and colour to your commercials.

Ally - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Ally Kallis


When you’re looking for a young image, Ally really hits the mark! From teens to early 20’s, Ally has a polished sound that will have your next commercial or project standing out like never before.

Belinda Cotton - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Belinda Green


Belinda is one of our most requested voice artists and can be heard all over the country and internationally.

Her mid 20s to mid 40s retail reads are her strength, and she also specialises in conversational and warm corporate reads.

From velvety tones and sincere delivery, to upbeat and funky and modern, Belinda has something special to offer your campaign.