Mel Fry


Mel lives and breathes radio and has been voicing commercials since she was 3 years old.

Whether you’re looking for high energy retail, sales or corporate, Mel has a warm, professional and upbeat sound that will bring any read to life.


Isaac is a legend behind the microphone and thats before year one! Now he loves a chat. His folks both know radio inside out, so we guess it has rubbed off.



Ruby has been heard on commercials in at least two states. So far! If you’re after a fresh sound for next campaign, Ruby will add the magic!



Tess is an experienced performer at the ripe old age of 4! That’s because her Daddy has a studio and has had her performing ever since she could talk.

Mel Pinn


Mel has the natural ability to deliver a range of read styles from sassy sells to corporate narrations, bubbly retail to high energy – and of course, her natural conversational self.

Mel delivers each and every read with finesse and unmistakable accuracy.

Erin - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax



Erin has the natural ability to go from the little kid to teenager in less than 30 seconds. Erin has a fabulous range of styles and has had one of the best teachers in the world. Her Mum!

Josh Olek - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Josh Olek


If it’s a youthful sell you’re after Josh has a sound which is current and will give your product life from the first word.

Josh Newth - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Josh Newth


Josh is one of the leading ‘new age’ voices.  Young and convincing, credible and perfect for your next project. Get the sound of Gen Y for your next campaign.

Clayton - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Clayton Brown


Clayton’s voice talents speak for themselves. With years rehearsing for Purple Wax, Clayton has a range of characters and straight reads which will add vibrancy and colour to your commercials.

Ally - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Ally Kallis


When you’re looking for a young image, Ally really hits the mark! From teens to early 20’s, Ally has a polished sound that will have your next commercial or project standing out like never before.