Client Category Creative Resource

This is a working library of scripts and audio examples to inspire you to create radio campaigns for clients. Every client requires a bespoke audio execution, however the folders of audio and categories below can help you pitch and offer potential clients an opportunity to ‘hear’ how their final commercial might be presented.

The aim is to sell radio as a powerful advertising solution … through words, voice acting, sounds & music, production techniques,  and theater of the mind.

Please do not copy these scripts and ideas verbatim to use on the air. You won’t do your client, nor radio as a marketing solution any justice by simply copying. Be inspired to write a great brief for our team of senior writers and award winning audio team to create a results driven audio solution that most certainly can be based around the audio ideas you will hear via the category links below.

Due to the production complexity within some scripts and audio contained in this resource site we cannot guarantee the cost will be the standard agreed rate for your station. Please contact Daryl with any quote or costing queries regarding the production of any commercials.


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note: we will continue to add to this collection.



The Power of Radiosome powerful audio spots to give some perspective on radio versus other mediums.

Store With A Door some audio assets from the nationally popular campaign.

Radio IS THE Answersome audio samples and scripts to create your next on air campaign

1. Builders
2. Retirement Villages (aimed at the end user mum and dad / and then at the Daughter that is the organiser for mum and dad)
3. EducationSchools / Uni (we miss out on a lot of open days / enrollments)
4. Real Estate
5. Blinds / Awnings
6. Solar
7. Auto Repairnew, used, service, and auto products
8. Healthmedical centers / chiro / dentists / physio
9. Shop Local Campaign
10. Tax Time
11. Recruitmenthiring
12. Restaurant including cafe, pubs, clubs
13. Fitness
14. Supermarketlocal, national
15. Recreation & Entertainment
16. Travel
17. Harvey Norman
18. Beverage
19. Media
20. Energy
21. Stationary

A reminder on how some basic tips to write a ‘killer brief’ for your clients campaign – click here

Promotional imaging – for content directors and promotional sales people

Promotional Promos and Sweepers

Music Resources

Music to use in commercials – you can search or have your client search … or simply leave it to the Purple Wax Team.


It is normally price prohibitive for most clients to be able to use commercially available songs in their ads. We have partnered with an Australian music publisher and can offer these licensed songs for your client … locally exclusive, or, nationally exclusive. Fees are reasonable and affordable for using these tracks. We can negotiate and organise a quote for you should you have a client that is interested in a branding theme song … (rather than a corny old jingle)