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Harry Carman – Love is Love


Could fit a jewellery store, maybe medical centre, retirement village, real estate development – many things really. And the chorus is very ‘editable’.

Harry Carman – Change


Could fit a number of things. Chorus “I will embrace the change’.

Harry Carman – Belong


Could fit a retirement village possibly, or a school, or a real estate development – new estate type thing. Chorus at the 50 second mark ‘make me feel like I belong’.

Harry Carman – Higher Places


Could fit a number of things. Chorus part the most suitable – at around 2:18 “I dream of higher places unknown’

Joel James – Find the Moon


May be something in a car dealer/suburban real estate development  – line says ‘one day I’m gonna leave this city, we can ride up to the moon’

Joel James – Slow Dance


Jeweller potentially.

Steve Hoy – Where I Come From


Fit a real estate development

Pat Powell – I’m Your Rock


Could fit a number of categories – the line that feels broad in appeal is around the 52 second mark “I’ll be there, to help you feel it, I’m your rock’. It;’s an older style song.

Hairpin Culvert – Take me Home


Car dealer / real estate / school / solar / blinds.

The Pardoners – Perfect Life


Car dealer / real estate / school / solar / blinds – almost anything. Chorus at 1:32 ‘all I wants a perfect life, all I wants a quiet life’.

Them Swoops – Summer Daze


Them Swoops – Daydream


Around the 1.30 mark – ‘I’d spend my life in a daydream’….

These tracks below are potentially clear-able depending on the usage, however they can be more difficult, and will require a little more time to work through any opportunity. They will attract a higher fee due to the artists profile.

v.Spy v.Spy – Don’t Tear it Down


Lends itself potentially to a building redeveloper who does renovations rather than knockdowns. Obviously very specific, so not exactly a broad potential.

v.Spy v.Spy – Our House


Real Estate ‘we have a lot of real good times, when you’re living in our house’

v.Spy v.Spy – Forget about the Working Week


Not a category as such, but if there were a client pushing some weekend getaway/fun – the line of this song can be a good ’setup for the weekend’ type thing.

v.Spy v.Spy – Clear Skies


The line ‘Clear Skies Ahead’ – is one that implies optimism, and that line on it’s own could potentially work for a real estate development, school/education, health.

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