Imaging, Promotional and sponsorship creative samples.

Fartin Chris Martin

Porn Star Promo

Holger Brockman sample

Workday Sweepers

‘The Wedding’ … for marriage equality

Waitin on a mate promo

Surf report bed

This … is K-ROCK Music sweepers

Doin Something about it …

Greedy Pig promos

Geelong Strong promo

Airshow promos

Valentine’s Day sweepers

Easter Sweepers … um, yes, these went to air … 🙂

K-ROCK’s Cash-I-OKE promos

Who wants to be a Brazillionaire promos

Great Geelong Radio Survey promos

K-ROCK’s Fat Duck Promos

K-ROCK’s Last Minute Grand Final Tickets promo

$1000 minute promo

Bay FM ‘Home’ sweepers

Bay FM Retro Party Sweepers

Cash Clock Promo

Beat the Bomb promo

BAY FM’s Feel Good Vibes promo

2 song demonstrator sweepers

Holiday a Day promo

Mix Umbrella Promo

Music That Moves You Listener Intros


Cash Bomb



70’s @ 70 promo

60’s @ 60 promo

10 from Then promo

Positioning Statement Sweeper

Music Sweeper

Music Sweeper

Themed music generic positioning sweepers

Breakfast Sweeper

App promo

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