Audio Production for Agencies

Whether you’re an independent boutique agency or a multi-national group, we have access to some of the most talented voice actors on the planet, at the click of our fingers …

… hmmmm well … maybe not at the ‘click’ of our fingers … but trust us, they are not far away.

You can direct the session so you get just the right read for your client. We are cheaper than the crazy equity fees going around at the moment, so you can use our crew for anything from a pitch campaign, to your final radio or TV spot. Anything involves audio production for agencies, we can help with!

Our casting peeps have grown up around ad agencies, so talking the lingo and making sure we help you find the right VO is in our DNA.

Oh, and did we mention we also create podcasts from concept to finished product. Just sayin’ …

Purple Wax -Audio Production for Agencies

Video Production Companies

We know that there are a few low-cost voice-over in-the-cloud suppliers out there for you to choose from.

So … what’s the difference with us you might ask yourself?

WE ARE BETTER. Better People. Better Quality. Better Service.

However, we are possibly about the same price as the supplier you’ve been using.

So … try us! What have you got to lose?

Want to know more about audio for your business?

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