We ensure your TVC mix is compliant for Australian on-air standards.

We have very affordable TV promo voice overs that can turn a job around within the hour so your edit team are never waiting for audio.

Our sound designers are humble, but we love to boast that they have won many international awards for their incredible talents and skills.

Nuff said?

Checkout some of our demos below!


The only animated work commissioned by cartoonist Michael Leunig, was executive produced by Bryan Brown, and Voiced by Sam Neill … and sound designed by our own Daryl Missen.

Channel V promo … transforming a music track – to sound effects – Sound Design and mix by Daryl Missen.

ABC TV animated short-form documentary with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki – Sound Design and mix by Daryl Missen.

9News Adelaide often utilise the tv promo skills of Purple Wax’s Phil Baildon.

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