The hot new thing is to be creating a podcast.

Truth be known, we’ve been mixing Podcasts since baby Jebus was a … well a baby. And we don’t mind bragging, that we’ve been able to touch and influence some of the biggest and most downloaded podcasts on the planet.

We can executive produce, edit, and audio mix professional sounding podcasts. If you need a podcast theme or podcast intro, outro and commercial package, please contact Daryl to discuss. We handle the music licensing or can compose a music vocal jingle bespoke to your requirements.

If you have an existing podcast and are looking to improve the quality, then lets talk more deeply and create compelling intros and audio links to ensure your great content is well supported in sound design, and that you have the shorter audio edits of your podcast ready to share on your social media channels. yes, we think of everything …

From small business podcasts, to psychology, to comedy, to entrepreneurship, to pro bono work for various not-for-profit organisations across the country. Daryl Missen has decades of experience in being able to listen and edit and mix interview content and story telling narration for many diverse topics, into results driven and award-winning content.

Here are some podcasts we’ve worked on recently …

Podcast samples

Closing The Net  – With Rodger Corser (for the ACCCE)

Idle Australians  – With James Mathison & Osher Gunsberg

One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady  – With Denise Drysdale & Jessica Rowe

The Small Business Big Marketing Podcast with Timbo Reid

Online Videos

Our sound design audio skills in animation can definitely help towards bringing any online video project you have to life.

  • Journalistic script writers to help you from stage 1.
  • Amazing documentary style voice actors all over the world.
  • Graphics and vision editors.

Call Phil to discuss on 1300 84 23 79 or email him phil@purplewax.com.au

Interested in podcasting or online audio?

Leave us a message and one of our experienced team will get back to you shortly.