Ursula Daly


Ursula has a bright natural approach to her voice. If you’re after a ‘national’ sound to your campaign, Ursula will add the class.

Megan Annear

Megan is one of New Zealand’s premier voice talents. She can be heard across the country on numerous commercials and on Spotify. Megan is Miss NZ Today!

John Stretton


John has one of the most recognisable voices in town, every town! From his “Great Australian” accent to movie trailers and just being himself, John has a unique sound, perfect for your next campaign.


Isaac is a legend behind the microphone and thats before year one! Now he loves a chat. His folks both know radio inside out, so we guess it has rubbed off.

Jesse Adam


Jesse is based in North America and his voiceover style can only be described as conversational, authentic, guy-next-door, friendly, caring, relatable & trustworthy and naturally believable.


Sheldon Roberts


Sheldon is one of the North America’s leading voice artists and we are lucky enough to be representing him in the South Pacific. From doco reads through to retail, Sheldon is the Canadian voice you’ll want on your next campaign.

Rohan Chabaud


Rohan has extensive experience on both sides of the mic and knows how to sell a product. French is his second language (or maybe his first), regardless Rohans warm and sincere approach to voicing is his trademark!

Amy Bowie


Amy has that “Girl Next Door” sound from Havatokatoka New Zealand. And numerous other accents from all over the world. If you’re looking for an international voice Amy will have your product jump out of the speakers.

Ben French - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Ben French


Ben in Gen Y, Kiwi style. When you’re looking for an authentic bro without a fro from across the dutch, Ben is your man.

Marion Just


Marion is one of our most popular and versatile female voice artists.

Marion’s 30+ vocal range encompasses everything from Australian urban professional to excited high-energy retail.

Marion specialises in conversational delivery, engaging corporate reads, narration, political advertising and government education campaigns for TV, radio and online.

If you’re looking for a smooth, sophisticated, elegant read or even inviting and sexy, Marion will make your campaign stand out.