About Purple Wax

Purple Wax is your production studio in the cloud, bringing you access to professional premium voice actors, writers and production facilities that can handle your job from start to finish. Even if your deadlines are tight, Purple Wax can deliver within hours.

Phil Baildon

General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I book a voice on the website?

It’s an easy 3 step process;

1. CHOOSE a voice/or voices for your project

2. BOOK via our website and upload your script

3. DELIVER We’ll contact you to confirm and discuss the specifics and ensure the script is recorded and delivered to you within your specified timeframe.

Do you look after music licensing for podcasts?

Great question, we are glad you asked. The short answer is YES!

The longer sell to you is, we have access to AMCOS/APRA and non AMCOS music and will organise both a quote and the final licensing for you without you having to sign a form. Easy huh!?

Oh, and we have Purple composers that can create music specifically to your brief. Talk about ‘bespoke’ … woot woot.

If I need to pronounce a certain word, can I record it to my smartphone and upload the audio as a demonstration to the talent?

We love how you are thinking. Of course you can! Technology is an easy way to ensure the correct script is recorded first time.

Can I direct the talent over the phone or Skype?

Purple Wax is about giving you access to some of the best Voice People on the Planet. Our focus is in the speed of delivery. If you would prefer to direct talent, please let us know and we will organise times.

Are you OP-59 compliant for Australian TV commercials and programs?

The audio team at Purple Wax just gave out an almighty loud … HELL YEAH WE ARE!”

Then they went back to their padded walled studios to press more buttons.

Can I upload multiple scripts?

Yep! The more the merrier.

If I cannot decide on which voice will suit my script, can you help me?

Phil Baildon and Daryl Missen are old school pros, they believe CUSTOMER SERVICE is best done human-to-human. They love talking to you and most of all they aim to make it right the first time. The answer is… YES!

Can I have my promo and sweepers recorded?

You betchya! Call and chat to us. With our award winning audio engineers and imaging voices, we can have your promos or sweeps back to you faster than you can say,  “The Best Hits from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s 2000’s and NOW, PURPLE WAX FM.”

Can I record for TV, on hold messages, and online content?

Sure can, no problem. Our rates are very competitive, we are happy to call to discuss reasonable options for other mediums.

What is considered a character voice?

A character fee may be charged for a voice over that requires anything more than a natural delivery.  This does not include things like enthusiastic reads or a natural voice delivered in an unusual environment (shouting over a crowd, building site, whispering, spooky etc).  It does include accents, caricatures (pirate, old age) and representations of known people.  Please contact us to discuss anything you may be unsure about.

What if I don't like the read?

Our aim is to ensure we exceed your expectations at every touch point. Our Purple Wax team are trained to serve and work so that you are a raving fan with our customer service experience. We don’t offer refunds on projects once the talent has been commissioned to start the read. However, we can always re-record to ensure your full satisfaction. We recommend you listen closely to any demo reads before deciding on a voice over talent to ensure what you require is within their abilities. Better yet, why not call us so we can share our collective voice casting wisdom to ensure your project sounds perfectly on brand.

What quality do I receive the audio files?

CRA set the standard in 2011 at 48k 16 bit wav file. That’s how we roll. If you’d like it any other way, let us know when you make a booking.

Got any questions?

We’re here to help! Contact us today and one of our team will get back to you ASAP.