John Stretton


John has one of the most recognisable voices in town, every town! From his “Great Australian” accent to movie trailers and just being himself, John has a unique sound, perfect for your next campaign.

Andrea Waycott


Andrea’s warmth and charm is obvious with every read, while her versatility amazes in all styles. Andrea is a must have for your next campaign.

Mike Irvine - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Mark Irvine


From the voice of “Deal or No Deal” and “The Weakest Link” to In Flight Entertainment programs, Radio and TV commercials, Radio Network promos and TV narration, Marks voice has become synonymous with a classic old-school sound that brings a level of sophistication and drama to any campaign.

Mike Perso - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Mike Perso


Mike loves bringing scripts to life! He’s worked as a senior executive and on air with Australia’s most successful commercial radio groups and, through that experience, understands that cutting through the clutter has to be the first goal of any successful campaign.

Phil B - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Phil Baildon


Phil has been the promo voice of Australian Network TV for the past two decades. After years in Radio and voicing campaigns for agencies on TV, Radio and Online, Animal Planet in India, Asia and the South Pacific, Turner Classic Movies in India, Hong Kong and Australia and New Zealand.

Narrating TV programs for Discovery Asia and the USA, Phil’s experience behind the mic is second to none.

Karen Prater - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Karen Prater


Karen’s hot young sound is on the air now. Different networks across Australia have Karen voice everything from imaging to retail.

Greg Burnes - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Greg Burnes


LA based Greg is an award winning voice over artist. Greg has been voicing commercials for radio and TV since 1995 with a wide and varied client list.

Dan Lee - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Dan Lee


Dan is a UK voice over artist for TV and Radio ad camapigns, TV promos, corporate and documentary. Some of Dans clients include TBWA, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, DLKW Lowe, Sky and Global Television.

Brendan Barnes - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Brendan Barnes


For over 25 years Barnsy has used his voice professionally to sell everything from animated blockbusters to dental clinic on hold messages, multi million dollar real estate to video games. If you want a voice that cuts through the clutter with presence, colour and gravitas then Brendan is ready to read your script.

Graeme Stone - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Graeme Stone


Graeme’s voice is easily recognised and versatile from hundreds of TV and Radio ads and promos from around the country. His smooth, friendly and bright presentation will win you credibility every time.