Josh Newth - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Josh Newth


Josh is one of the leading ‘new age’ voices.  Young and convincing, credible and perfect for your next project. Get the sound of Gen Y for your next campaign.

Jason K - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Jason Kazanis


Jason has an energy and enthusiasm that sells! Jason’s sincere down-to-earth read will have your product standing out.

Greg Burnes - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Greg Burnes


LA based Greg is an award winning voice over artist. Greg has been voicing commercials for radio and TV since 1995 with a wide and varied client list.

Dan Lee - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Dan Lee


Dan is a UK voice over artist for TV and Radio ad camapigns, TV promos, corporate and documentary. Some of Dans clients include TBWA, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, DLKW Lowe, Sky and Global Television.

Barry McCaul Purple Wax - Audio Production Studio & Voiceovers

Barry McCaul


Barry or Crash is one our audio legends and packs a mean read on commercials heard daily on TV and radio around the country. From sport to soft sell with British class, Crash is your man.

Bruce Turnbull - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Bruce Turnbull


Bruce’s voice is unmistakably Australian. He’s animated and vibrant. Bruce can do it all, from a strong station promo voice to a soft sell sincere read, plus he’s got a whole host of different characters as well.

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Brendan Barnes - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Brendan Barnes


For over 25 years Barnsy has used his voice professionally to sell everything from animated blockbusters to dental clinic on hold messages, multi million dollar real estate to video games. If you want a voice that cuts through the clutter with presence, colour and gravitas then Brendan is ready to read your script.

Marc ONeill - Purple Wax - Audio Production Studio & Voiceovers

Marc O’Neill


Marc is The Craic! When you need the authentic Irish everyman, you’ve found him

Marc is one of Ireland’s best known voice actors – Distinctive, Dynamic and Memorable. Based in beautiful Tipperary and heard internationally on Radio, TV and Documentaries.

Graeme Stone - Purple Wax - Voiceover Artist

Graeme Stone


Graeme’s voice is easily recognised and versatile from hundreds of TV and Radio ads and promos from around the country. His smooth, friendly and bright presentation will win you credibility every time.

Geoff Coach Field - Voice over artist - Purple Wax

Geoff ‘The Coach’ Field


The Coach has over 30 years of media experience from radio to international pay TV to voice over artist to compere to interviewer to MC and even a stint spruiking at a cosmetics warehouse sale!

Geoff has worked in Cap city radio in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra with guest stints on Capital FM in London and K Rock in New York.

Voice over credits include  Ford, Liberal Party and United Tools to name just a few. If you want natural down-to-earth, then Geoff is the man.