Daniel King


Daniel has that young everyman sound with some great characters and attitude.

Mark Callahan


Mark has versatility with great character. Add Mark to your next campaign and watch the results.

Leah Stanistreet


Leah has that young vibrant sound is very now! From corporate, promos to retail, Leah will have your product jumping out of the speakers.

Bodelle de Ronde

Bodelle has a background in stage and screen having spent years in London and now resides in New South Wales. Bodelle has a natural rich sound which will add colour to your next campaign.

Jacinta Kealley

Jacinta has a fresh sassy vibe with loads of character and a wide range. Add Jacinta to your next campaign and experience the difference.

John Stretton


John has one of the most recognisable voices in town, every town! From his “Great Australian” accent to movie trailers and just being himself, John has a unique sound, perfect for your next campaign.

Brad Pottinger


Brad has a friendly, natural and fresh approach. He has been voicing commercials for TV and radio for years. Brad has a warm, new sound that will highlight your next campaign.

Phil B - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Phil Baildon


Phil has been the promo voice of Australian Network TV for the past two decades. After years in Radio and voicing campaigns for agencies on TV, Radio and Online, Animal Planet in India, Asia and the South Pacific, Turner Classic Movies in India, Hong Kong and Australia and New Zealand.

Narrating TV programs for Discovery Asia and the USA, Phil’s experience behind the mic is second to none.

Mitch Braund - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Mitch Braund


Looking for a retail, relaxed, mature, promo, hyped, retail, car yard guy? Mitch is your voice, the sound of a generation and known for his TV and Radio reads.

Kieron Atkinson - Voiceover Artist - Purple Wax

Kieron Atkinson


Kieron has the voice of the guy next door. From Retail through to serious corporate, Kieron is the sound of today.