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vCreative – getting started

We all want a great result for your client. You have invested a lot of time building trust and a solid relationship with your client, so developing and communicating your creative brief is absolutely paramount to the success of a commercial campaign. The reason you write a creative brief is to arm the writer and audio producer with the information to create a commercial that will drive a result for your client. The better the brief, the better the chances of success … the happier your client, the more likely they’ll book again.

Remember, the script is not being written to “please” your client, it is being written to ‘attract’ your clients customers.

Some basics to help get you started on writing a killer creative brief.

  1. WHAT IS THE CLIENT’S CONTACT INFORMATION – Name of their business, address, website, phone. What is the most effective way for people to contact this business? Do they want to drive web traffic or foot traffic?  

  2. WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? Who is this person we’re targeting this commercial to? Who’s visiting this business now? what age group are they? What is the percentage of men-women?

  3. WHAT IS THE 1 THING THE CLIENT WANTS TO TELL PEOPLE? What is their reason for advertising? Be careful to distinguish between what the client wants to tell people and what people want to hear. e.g. The client wants to say they’ve been in business for 50 years…is that important to the consumer? Is that the reason they will visit this business? (hint…usually not!)

  4. WHY SHOULD THE CUSTOMER BELIEVE YOU?  If your client says they have ‘better service’ prove it. What makes your client’s business better than the competitors?

  5. WHAT IS THE CUSTOMER’S PAIN AND HOW DOES YOUR CLIENT SOLVE IT?  What motivates your client’s current customers…why do they visit?

  6. ASK QUESTIONS. If you were going to engage this business as a consumer, what information would you find important?


  • HOW TO GET YOUR SCRIPT APPROVED: The only thing you want your client to do is approve the script. It has been written strategically by a professional writer, so if the brief is correct, the script will be correct. Simply ask the client to approve the script.
  • DO NOT ASK THE CLIENT IF THEY LIKE THE SCRIPT! As somebody who knows a lot about their business, and nothing about writing effective radio copy, the client’s opinion of the script is not needed. Would they stick their head under the bonnet with the mechanic and tell him how to do his job? I don’t think so. It doesn’t matter if the client ‘likes’ the script or not so don’t ask a question you don’t need the answer to. Simply ask them to approve the script so we can get it produced and on the air.